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School Council Constitution


The name of the organization shall be Bassano School Council hereinafter referred to as the Council.


The Council's mission is to provide the school community with the support necessary to give each student the best education possible.


To support Bassano School's mandate that, 'Best Efforts Equal Success' which includes developing citizens who are respectful, responsible and involved.


  1. The Council shall be established as prescribed in the Alberta School Act, Part II, Section 17, Sub-section 1.
  2. The Council may be affiliated with the Alberta Home and School Councils' Association (AHSCA).
  3. The Council will operate as a non-profit organization with no personal financial benefits.
  4. The business of the Council shall be unbiased toward race, religion gender or politics.


The purpose of the Bassano School Council is:

  • To represent parent's views and concerns, such as: program, policy, and fundraising in a constructive way to the school principal.
  • To communicate with parents/community and to promote co-operation between the home, community and school in providing for the education of children.
  • To provide parents/community with a forum through which information and school practices can be discussed in a constructive fashion in order to assist in the further development of opportunities for Bassano students, staff and parents.
  • To organize Council activities and events. Which will support students, teachers and parents as they work as a community of learners for the benefit of students, the school and community.
  • To support the staff initiative of moral education and values at Bassano School.
  • The Council will have input in the annual review of the Bassano School 3-year plan.
  • To contribute to the effectiveness of the school by promoting the partnership of students, staff, parents community members and community groups.
  • Be involved in site based management decision making.
  • Participate in PD opportunities.


In the event of dissolution of the Council, its property and assets shall, after payment of all liabilities, be donated to Bassano School.



  1. All parents and guardians of students who attend Bassano School are members and eligible to be voting members of Council.
  2. All members of the community are invited to attend Council meetings, but must be an elected Executive Council Member to have voting privileges.


The Board of Elected Executive of the Bassano School Council, will consist of sixteen (16) members.

The Elected Executive shall include:

  • Chairperson (must be a parent or legal guardian)
  • Vice Chairperson (must be a parent or legal guardian)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer (Member of Friends of Bassano School Society)
  • Six (6) Bassano Parents, two (2) from each division (K-6, 7-9, 10-12)
  • Two (2) Representatives from Siksika Nation
  • Two (2) Student representatives from Bassano School
  • One (1) School administrator
  • One (1) Bassano staff member

The Advisory Board may consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Grasslands School Board Representative
  • County of Newell Representative
  • Town of Bassano/ FCSS Representative
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Bassano Graduation Committee Representative
  • Bassano School Based Committee Representative for Current School Events
  • And any other school or community group as interested.

Term of Office

  1. The term of each elected Executive will be two years. Elections will be held at the Annual General Meeting in September of each year and all Council members in attendance will have a vote.
  2. Elected Executive changes shall be staggered to allow overlap of new and experienced members
  • Odd years-Chairperson and Secretary
  • Even years-Vice Chair, and Treasurer.
  1. Elected Executive members shall be eligible for re-election but may serve no more than two terms consecutively in the same office.

Duties and Responsibilites of the Elected Executives

  1. Chairperson shall:
  • convene and preside at all meetings of the Council and of the Executive Officers.
  • ensure that an agenda is prepared and presented.
  • ensure that Council, School and community members are aware of meeting dates and agendas.
  • appoint committees where authorized to do so by the Elected Executive.
  • be Ex-Officio member to all committees except the nominating committee.
  • take such actions or ensure that such actions are taken by others to achieve the purposes of the Council.
  • be the official spokesperson for the Council.
  • will be present at disciplinary committee meetings as required by Grasslands Public Schools.
  • attend Council of Council meeting held 1-2 times per year.
  • only vote in the event of a tie or secret ballot.
  1. Vice-Chairperson shall:
  • assume the responsibilities of the Chairperson in his/her absence.
  • accept other duties as required.
  1. Secretary shall:
  • record the minutes of all Council meetings.
  • keep an accurate copy of the Constitution and Bylaws, and when amended shall be dated and initial.
  • issue and receive correspondence on behalf of the Council.
  • safely keep all records of the Council.
  1. Treasurer shall:
  • deposit all funds into Friends of Bassano School Society accounts.
  • be responsible for and report on the accounts.
  • ensure that another Executive member has access to the books in the event of his/her absence.
  • submit an annual financial report at the Annual School Council Meeting.
  • submit an annual financial report to the Grasslands Public Schools by December 31st of each year.


With the exception of the Council position filled by the principal, the Council may appoint a qualified person to fill a vacancy until the vacancy can be filled by the appropriate constituents or, in case of new officers, are elected at the next annual general meeting.


Council may appoint committees consisting of members and others from the school community with either delegated or advisory responsibilities.



  1. Regular meetings of the Council shall be held a minimum of five (5) times per year in September, October, December, February and April.
  2. Additional meetings may be called by the executive or at the written request of 10 parents of the school community.


  1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in September of each year.
  2. The meeting will be advertised throughout the school and the community at least fourteen (14) days in advance.
  3. All parents/legal guardians of students attending Bassano School are eligible to vote at the annual meeting.
  4. Elections for officers/representatives will take place at the annual meeting. All parents/legal guardians of Bassano School students are eligible for election.
  5. The business of the annual meeting shall include:
  • Elections of officers/representatives
  • Any proposed constitution/bylaw amendments
  • Financial statement of pervious year
  • Plans and budget for coming year


  1. A quorum will consist of the minimum of nine (9) of the Elected Executive
  2. Unless otherwise provided, questions arising at any meeting shall be decided upon by a single majority vote.
  3. Voting of members by proxy shall not be permitted.
  4. Voting shall be by a show of hands, secret ballot or by consensus. All ballots will be destroyed after the meeting.
  5. The chairperson does not have a vote except in the event of a tie or secret ballot.


Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Council must occur at the Executive level and be presented at the Annual General Meeting, at which business is conducted, providing:

Written notice of the meeting has been published, with a minimum of fourteen (14) days notice included notice of the specific amendments proposed.
Two/thirds (2/3) majority of voting members present at the meeting will be required to amend the Constitution and Bylaws.


  1. The Council is not a forum for the discussion of individual school personnel, students, parents of other individual members of the school community.
  2. A Council member who is approached by a parent with a concern relating to an individual, is in a privileged position, and must treat such discussion with discretion, protecting the confidentiality of the people involved.
  3. A member who accepts a position, as a Council Member must:
  • uphold the constitution and bylaws, policies and procedures of the Council.
  • perform his/her duties with honesty and integrity.
  • work to ensure that the well being of students is the primary focus of all decisions.
  • respect the rights of individual.
  • encourage and support parents and students with individual concerns to act on their own behalf and provide information on the process for taking forward concerns.
  • work to ensure that issues are resolved through due process.
  • strive to be informed and only pass on information that is reliable and correct.
  • respect all confidential information.
  • support public education.


Members who find that items of business being brought to the Council may put them in conflict of interest must declare that conflict and withdraw from the debate and voting on this matter.

Approved November 21, 2005