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Grade One Happenings!

What is New!

Class Luncheon - We will be having a class luncheon for students on June 28.  I will need a couple of parent volunteers to help make sub sandwiches for the kids.  Please let me know if you can help.

School Supplies - I will be sending home extra school supplies and our used school supplies over the next 7 days. Please hang on to these supplies as they can certainly be used next year. There is no need to rebuy duotongs and folders etc as they will be on the Grade Two supply list as well. We have not been hard on school supplies as a whole.

Routine - We are still engaged in many learning opportunities during our last 7 days of school.  The kids are tired and need the routine.  We do take breaks and enjoy a bit more free time BUT we do math and language everyday untill the end of school.

Read to Partner - For our last week of school we will be adding Read to Partner as a choice for our Daily Five centres.

Community Garden -  We have plot number 2. I am looking for some volunteer weeders and waterers for the next few months.  We are more than happy to share some of the produce.  Please let me know if you have the time to help out.  T

Swim Lessons - Payment for swim lessons is due anytime

Year End Field Trip - Thank you to our Moms and Dads we came along as group leaders!  We can not do field trips without you!

Year End assembly June 29th - Our Year End Elementary Assembly will be June 29th at 1:15PM.  Grade 1 and 2 students do not recieve academic awards but there is a nomination for Citizenship.  We will have our class awards on June 29th at 1:00PM in our classroom.

Home Reading - Please return hoe reading books on Monday.  We will wrap our home reading program on Monday.

Library - Please return Library books as soon as possible



IMPORTANT:  please remember that  parent /guardians wanting to spend any time in the classroom or on field trips must have a completed criminal record check done.  Criminal record checks are good for three years.  Thank you for your understanding as we are trying very hard to ensure the safety of all of our students.  This process can be long so please pick up the paper work as soon as possible


Coming Events

June 26  -Swim

June 28 - Class luncheon

                - Swim was cancelled 

June 29 - Class awards 1PM

               - Year end assembly 115PM