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The Tipi of Courage uses a holistic approach for our WARRIORS in addressing social issues and needs of our people. The Tipi of Courage provides the best opportunities to our youth in addressing these issues. The Tipi of Courage Warrior Teachings incorporates the Medicine Wheel and the Seven Sacred Teachings on becoming a “TRUE WARRIOR”.

The Tipi of Courage Warrior concept, stories and teachings come from the Dene, Kainai, Cree and Blackfoot Elders. To Empower and Educate our youth with these Cultural teachings.
  • Medicine Wheel
  • Warrior Concept
  • Historical Timeline
  • Residential School Experience
  • Seven Sacred Teachings
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Warrior Presentations and Graduation
  • Continuation Modern WARRIORS    
  • Using the Medicine Wheel Concept in teachings tool for traditional knowledge for indigenous people or all people – learning balance with tools. Cultural discovery, personal identity, Traditional Healing.
  • Skill practice - Warrior Codes of Ethics, How youth can apply in their daily lives and decision making. Cultural empowerment, self-confidence building
  • Identify historical timeline – Understanding and Learning the History
  • Residential School Experience – Increase Knowledge
  • Seven Sacred Teachings – Cultural learning, pride, raising Awareness and self-confidence
  • Healthy Relationships – building awareness and healthy boundaries (friends, family, boyfriends)
  • Warrior – Becoming and continuing to honour our traditions    

A warrior‘s purpose involved developing their abilities to become an asset to the village.  Today, that “village” can be your family, friends, community, and school.