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CAREERS: Choosing a Direction WEBINAR

CAREERS: Choosing a Direction WEBINAR

CAREERS: Choosing a Direction WEBINAR

Part of the Webinar Wednesday calendar, Alberta School Councils presents a one hour online session with CAREERS: the Next Generation at 9:30 AM or 8:30 PM, accessible through home computers, laptops or mobile devices.

Session description:

Join CAREERS: The Next Generation to discuss the opportunities and realities that face youth as they seek pathways to explore careers.

This webinar is the first of three that will provide a foundation for parents of youth in grades 8 to 12. 

CAREERS: Choosing a Career Direction 

This first webinar (Oct 5) will provide information on careers that will be in demand in 2023 and some programs that will help youth try out careers while in high school. 

 CAREERS: Helping Youth Choose

The second webinar (Jan 11) will bring resources to assist youth in identifying careers that may interest them. 

CAREERS: Supporting Youth Exploring  

The third in the series (April 12) will provide tips for parents on helping youth prepare for and gain a paid internship or work experience.

About the organization:

CAREERS: The Next Generation is a non-profit organization raising youth awareness of career options and helping students earn while they learn through internship. Partnering with government, educators, communities, industry, parents and students, they introduce youth to rewarding careers and develop the skilled workers of the future. CAREERS believe introducing students to great career options in high school motivates them in school, grows their skills, expands their opportunities and ultimately creates communities with a large and diverse skilled workforce.

Blackboard Collaborate™ is the online platform we are using to present the webinar session.

You will be provided an internet link in order to participate in the webinar that you have registered for.

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