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RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program

RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program

The RBC Aboriginal Awards program is intended to assist Aboriginal students with completing post secondary educaiton and provide an opportunity for RBC to strengthen it's relationship with the Aboriginal Community.  

Selected students are awarded up to $4,000 each academic year for two to four years to use towards tuition, textbooks, supplies and living expenses.

RBC awards ten scholarships in two categories:

  • For students majoring in disciplines related to the financial services industry
  • For students majoring in disciplines unrelated to the financial services industry

They also consider scholarship recipients who are interested in careers in financial services for summer and post-graduate employment.

Applications and supporting documents are to be received by RBC by 11:59 pm EST on February 28, of each year. If selected, the applicant must provide proof of her/his acceptance to university or college and eligible status by July 31.

You will receive up to $4,000 per academic year for educational and living expenses for two to four years.

To receive the full amount for all years of study, you must attend an accredited post-secondary institution, have at least two to four years remaining in your current program of study, remain in the program of study we awarded the scholarship for and maintain a full-time course load and good academic standing. RBC requests confirmation of your full course load and good academic standing at the beginning of every fall and winter semester. This confirmation will be collected in a way satisfactory to RBC. You will receive the first half of your scholarship at the beginning of the fall semester. If you maintain a good academic standing, you will receive the balance in January. Please note that RBC reserves the right to change or discontinue this program at any time. We will honour commitments already in place if the program changes or ends.

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Who Is Eligible?

You are eligible to apply to the RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program if you are a Status Indian*, a Non-status Indian, Inuit or Métis and meet these criteria:

  • You are a permanent resident or citizen of Canada
  • You have applied or are currently attending an accredited post-secondary institution in Canada
  • You maintain a full course load that leads to a recognized degree, certificate or diploma
  • You have at least two years remaining in post-secondary studies as of September 2018
  • You require financial assistance to pursue your education

If you are already receiving partial funding from other sources, you may still apply to the RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program to cover additional educational and living expenses.