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Board Bits

Board Bits

Board Bits –February & March


-to our Edwin Parr Nominee Kaylie Amundson.

-to the High School basketball teams from B.C.H.S. (Senior Boys and Girls), Rosemary Boys and Bassano Girls for representing Grasslands at provincial competition.

We are pleased…

-to have approved the school calendar for the 2018-2019 school year.

-that the Eastbrook School renovation is nearing completion.

-to announce that the provincial government has approved the replacement school at Tilley.

-that Medicine Hat College will be signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Grasslands to offer Dual Credit in several subject areas.

-to have approved several school trips to various locations.

-to support the Southeast Alberta Science Fair in Medicine Hat.

-to have approved the purchase of a new mobile trades trailer/classroom.


The Board of Trustees met with…

-Hutterite Elders on February 12/18.

-Christ The Redeemer Board of Trustees on February 28/18.

-Grasslands Support Staff on March 6/18.

-Brooks City Council on March 12/18 to discuss matters of mutual concern.

-Parents involved in a possible school boundary change, at Eastbrook School on March 15th.  The Board passed a motion to affect the change at the March 19/18 meeting.

Other “BITS”

-on March 8/18 the Board hosted a Council of Councils meeting.  The informative session focused on the purpose and function of school councils. This was put on by the Alberta School Councils Association. School council chairs and others attended.

-on March 27/18 the Board hosted a supper for the student teachers in Grasslands and their mentors at the Brooks Golf Club.

-Kathy Irwin and several of the Leadership & Resiliency Program staff met with the Board to update us about their programs.