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Grasslands Featured Artist

Grasslands Featured Artist

Tatianna is a grade 12 student at Bassano School. She was nominated by her art teacher, Mrs. Follis, because, “of her passion for art. She is always experimenting with new techniques and pushing herself to learn more. Her work is very personally relevant, and I love to see what new ideas she comes up with.”

Art is a means of communication for Tatianna.  Through her work, she is able to illustrate her perspective and emotions more clearly than through the spoken word.  Creating is also an outlet for her to vent her frustrations and embrace new challenges.

Artistic talent runs in her family, as Tatianna is inspired by her father’s work.  She also finds support and encouragement through her close friends and family. She is best known for her use of bold colors and contrasts to create personally meaningful finished pieces.

Tat plans to continue with art as hobby, and as a means of extra income. Some of her work is currently available for purchase at The Shoppe in Bassano.

Artist’s Quote: “There is math in art; proportion is VERY important.”

You can view a selection of her work at: Grasslands Featured Artist