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RCMP Depot Youth Camp

RCMP Depot Youth Camp

“K” Division is once again proud to be participating in the RCMP’s Depot Youth Camp held in Regina, Saskatchewan, for July of 2019. Applications are open to students that are 16 – 19 years of age who are currently enrolled in high schools throughout Alberta. There are two Youth Camps available with dates listed on the attached poster. This poster is for promotional purposes and we request that you post them at your local Detachment/high school(s).

Also, please find the attached application required for interested students. If you have an interested applicant, please have them complete a printed hard copy application on single page format and send the completed originals to the following addresses.

***For those residing in Red Deer and south, please forward your application to the Airdrie Recruiting Office. 

Airdrie RCMP Detachment

Attn: Recruiting Unit

2 Highland Park Way N.E.

Airdrie, AB   T4A 0R1

The deadline for application forms is March 25, 2018Once all of the forms are completed and submitted, students will be contacted by a member of the RCMP Recruiting Unit and may also be interviewed. The selection process will be completed by April 19th, 2019, and all students will be made aware of their application status at that time.


Should you or the applicant have any questions, please see Mrs. Schaffer for the application booklet.  For specific additional information, contact the “K” Division Recruiting Unit at: